The open question that bled through most of last year was whether Donald Trump was willing/able to wage war against the enforcement arm of Security State tasked (by Democrats, Never Trump Republicans, the Media, the Permanent Bureaucracy, etc.) with waging war against him.

We now have the answer. He’s willing. He’s able. And he has, for the first time, significant allies.

Oh, the other side is still fighting on. My favorite moment of this week was when the media (well, CNN anyway) briefly toyed with the idea of tagging Devin Nunes as a Russian agent (as in, anyone who’s not specifically working to remove Donald Trump from office must be with the Russians too!). It’s true that the events of the last few months, culminating in the release of “the Nunes Memo” today, would be head-spinning–and deeply disturbing–if we actually lived in one of those “constitutional republics” or “liberal democracies” that prize the rule of law and such.

I mean, if there were such a thing, and Donald Trump was the only thing standing between us and its dissolution, there would be cause for concern.

Of course, my loyal readers should, by now, be inoculated against such illusions or the news of any given day, but, just in case you need a reminder, you can go here for a refresher.

And, if you need a dedication?

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  1. I still can’t figure out whether Trump is pro-civilian surveillance or anti-civilian surveillance (I include unnecessary data collection and spying on private communications, of course). Obama was certainly pro-, as he enabled the hell out of the NSA……I was so naive that it surprised me that all Facebook members didn’t delete their accounts immediately upon learning from Snowden, my hero, that Zucker, or whatever the hell that nerd’s name is, was selling them out to the NSA.

    Snowden’s biggest fear was that nobody would care. At this point, we hear about people allowing themselves to be dumb enough to get scared into microchipping their kids. Now we know: Armageddon will be digital!

    Humanity is at an end
    but you and I go on an on
    Humanity is all played out
    It’s prob’ly not worth worryin’ about

    • Outside of economics, I doubt Trump has any solid principles. He’s pro or anti depending on how useful the position is at any given moment. He didn’t really have a choice, though, about taking on the “intelligence” services. They came after him hard. The tactics have been steadily emerging (though I’m not sure how much they were covered by regular news outlets). They are nothing new, except that they are being used against a sitting president….and he’s not backing down..

      One advantage he has is that they haven’t had to go after anyone hard since Carter. That’s a long time. Institutions get lazy and rusty, just like people. I don’t know what the coming months will bring. But it won’t be boring!

      Three possibilities going forward:

      1) They get Trump after all
      2) Trump gets them and lets the sun shine in (dismantles them in the way Kennedy promised to do and Carter actually attempted to do..with the proverbial well known results).
      3) Trump gets them and replaces them with something more sinister (yes, things can always get worse).

      I’m not prepared to bet just yet.

      (This is reminding me I need to get hold of the movie about Snowden…have you seen it? I’ve heard good things.)

      • Is there an acted movie (I think they’re called “biopics,” right?) about Snowden? If so, this is the first I’m hearing about it. I’ve downloaded a bunch of documentaries and interviews and whatnot, but I haven’t seen any actual movies. If you get around to watching it, please share your opinions!

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