Interesting year. No idea what lies ahead….But.

Like a lot of people, I took a real hit from Google changing their search parameters (or whatever it is they do) in June. Up to that point, this blog had steady quarter-by-quarter growth for five years. In the last six months of 2017, views and visits dropped off about 25 percent, making this the first year I didn’t improve over the previous one (I was down about eight percent for the year).

On the other hand, the comments increased dramatically, so I traded some quantity for a lot of quality. That’s a deal I’ll take any day, though I hope things will get cracking in the new year so it’s not a choice I have to make!

Anyway, that’s one of the main reasons I slacked off considerably in December, hoping to recharge the batteries and hit the ground running in 2018.

The other reason is I ran up against a sort of existential spiritual dilemma (I hesitate to call it a crisis) which is going to require me to make some serious decisions about my personal life and goals in the next few months…Don’t worry, if anything major happens, I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it!

Meanwhile, here are posts I have in the hopper, just waiting a moment of inspiration for me to finish them…

-A continuation of my meditations on John Ford’s People (beginning with the latest on The Searchers)

-Vocalist of the Month features on Brenda Lee (pretty far along) and Sandy Denny (nascent but promising)

-The revelation of My Favorite Book of Movie Criticism

-A new category called Track-By-Track where I break down some classic albums with what I hope will be a fresh approach to record reviewing.

-Nothing specific, but I’ll step in on the Trump Era when a moment of clarity arrives. Just FYI, my gut had him a slight favorite to win the election throughout 2016 (which put my gut in a very small minority). My gut has him a slight favorite to emerge the winner in his war with the Security State which will almost certainly come to a head in 2018. Stay tuned….

-Plus a continuation of my other new category of Handy Tens and all the other usual ongoing features.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna keep listening to Gene…

and Eddie…

And hoping for good things in a Happy New Year!

11 thoughts on “GOODBYE TO 2017….

  1. I’ve enjoyed checking out your blog this year. Have a happy and safe 2018. I look forward to your future posts.

  2. You know how delighted I was to encounter your website earlier this year, and it remains my favorite. Who else writes insightful, original, perspective-changing prose about so many overlooked — or simply misunderstood — recording artists, and takes new looks at movies that were made back when they really had to be made (as opposed to glued together according to worn blueprints, and then digitally drawn-over)?

    Those aren’t the whole iceberg, of course, but to zoom-in with some personal bias, nobody in the quarter-century of modern Internet existence has anyone sent me back to my beloved Shangri-Las records with fresh ears. I didn’t think that was possible, but it’s almost been like listening to them with new-fan subjectivity again, and I can’t thank you enough for that gift.

    The right to bear a pen and say / write exactly what you want is the most precious facet of the right to bear arms. You wear your weapons with class, grace and a refreshing, unapologetic resistance to reactionary side-taking or pretentious BS. To everyone else on this beautiful planet, I’ll offer a plea by way of Mr. Alexander. My favorite song by a male artist grows more and more necessary as our America shakes yet again in its granite-toughened boots. I naively and stubbornly maintain that the tremors will eventually still, and all will be peaceful again. Until then…

    • Mr. Alexander…..Speaking of a good candidate for Vocalist of the Month!

      But seriously, it’s been great getting to know you on the net Chris. Every person of good taste loves the Shangs but few of us REALLY understand! (hah!) Whatever you’ve learned from me, I’m sure I’ve learned at least as much from you.

      And it was only this year? Feels longer (in a good way). Finding folks like yourself was one of the reasons for starting this blog and by far the most gratifying reason to keep going. Hope it’s a happy and safe New Year all around!

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