…is on the road again! Well, maybe not this soon but circumstances dictate I’ll be visiting family in North Carolina and Tennessee and I’ll be gone from Jan. 24 through Feb. 3. I’ll probably have limited if any access to the internet until I return so if you reach out through comments or email in the meantime you may not hear from me until Feb. 4 at the earliest. I’ll be gathering adventures in the meantime!



I just wanted to let everyone know what has been going on the past few months. Summer doldrums and assorted other issues have kept me from my regular blogging activities for the longest stretch in the seven-year history of this blog. That’s going to end soon and regular programming will resume. There have been some changes and may be more coming, so to summarize:

I have tried update the look and theme of the blog just because it’s time to do so for technical, performance and support reasons. That being the case I hoped to improve the look the meanwhile.

The conundrum thus far is that the best looking theme is the one (the only one of course) that doesn’t offer ready access to some features I feel are necessary and neither Jetpack, WordPress, or GoDaddy have been able to resolve the issues despite repeated requests. For now, I’ve gone back to my old theme.


If you were previously a subscriber you’ve probably been scrubbed and my old Subscriber button is still missing. I haven’t been able to restore it. You can resubscribe by going to the “Leave a Reply” option under ANY post and leaving a comment (it can be something as simple as Test!) and then clicking on the option at the bottom to be “notified about future posts.”

You should then be set up to be notified very time I post. If this doesn’t work, feel free to let me know in a followup comment (or those of you who have my email can email me directly).

I will, at some point, attempt to update the Theme again, in which case we may have to do this all over, but the new Theme will only be made permanent if I can get all the features I need working.

Thanks for your patience. I will resume regular posting in the next 24 hours!

UPDATE: And if you WERE notified of this post without prompting, please let me know that as well….At least one person was!




You may have noticed that things are changing. After 7 years of relying on setups that were older than that, I’m being pulled in to the new century with Neal U’s able assistance. (Actually he’s doing all the work, which is what able assistants have done throughout history!) It’s a work in progress so we are still tweaking things though I don’t expect any dramatic changes to appear on the Home Page from this point forward.

Thanks for your patience!

And here’s to you, my loyal readers:



For all the rewards of the last twenty days or so, I’ve been exhausted! Forgive the meager posting. Getting back on track, I’ve just posted my latest for Tell It Like It Was which can be found here.

NOTE: IF YOU ARE A MEMBER AT MEDIUM, please don’t click through from here. If you receive an email from me with a direct link, use that. If you are not family or a close friend, please use your search engine and type Medium Tell It Like It Was. That should take you directly to the site and I will get paid for your participation. Otherwise not!

If you are not a member just click on the link above.

The subject is Buddy Holly, who I probably haven’t written ten words about in the seven year life of this blog. If you read the piece you will probably understand why. Some things are a little too close to home.

Meanwhile I hope to be back in action this week….and Happy Trails.



I hope everyone will have a great Memorial Day weekend. I’m flying from Orlando to Des Moines later today and will be returning Monday. In between, I’ll be taking in a 50th-anniversary screening of True Grit in Winterset, Iowa, John Wayne’s birthplace and home of the John Wayne Museum.

Can’t wait to hear If I smelled like you I wouldn’t live near people, and Fill your hands you son of a bitch!┬áin the company of my fellow true believers.

I’m hoping to add a side trip. More later if it comes off.

See you next week!


May 4th, 2019 marks the 49th anniversary of the Kent State killings, the only historical event I recognize each year on my blog.

I always try to find some unique angle and this year, I was inspired by Steven Rubio’s re-post of something he wrote in the late nineties addressing the significance of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. I encourage you to read the piece in full.

Reading it so close to a Kent anniversary, I immediately linked Maya Lin’s memorial to the Prentice Hall parking lot where Allison Krause, Jeff Miller, Bill Schroeder, and Sandy Scheuer were murdered on May 4th, 1970 in a way I hadn’t before. Not quite.

I’ve been all over this country. I’ve stood at the crest of Little Round Top and the base of Cemetery Ridge. I’ve crouched inside the trees at the Hornet’s Nest and walked the siege lines at Vicksburg. I’ve gazed across the bay at Yorktown where French ships bottled up Lord Cornwallis’s army. I’ve seen Stone Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Horseshoe Bend, Mt. McKinley, and the Grand Canyon as up close and personal as the law allows. I’ve hiked up Bunker Hill and knelt by “the rude bridge that arched the flood” on a cold, gray Christmas Eve. I’ve seen the Alamo and the Smithsonian, the Empire State Building, the Met, the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, the monument to George Washington in the nation’s capital and his stately home across the river. I’ve been to most of our great cities and visited every museum I could find from New York to North Dakota. I’ve spent time on Bourbon Street, Beale Street, Times Square. I’ve trotted around Wrigley and Fenway and the Rose Bowl and watched the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns.

I’ve stood on a sand spit two miles from my house and watched the first rocket ship that carried men all the way to the surface of the moon lift off the pad.

Heck, I’ve even been to Disney World.

All that and a thousand more.

The only two places that stopped me cold, so cold I felt my spirit leave my body and wander away to gaze down on me from the top of a mountain my eyes couldn’t see, were this one…

..and this one.

I got my love of both history and travel from my father, who had registered as a Conscientious Objector after Pearl Harbor, had his status rejected by the draft board and spent the war fighting forest fires in the Appalachians and then the Rockies.

The second time I saw the Vietnam Memorial was in 1989 when I was on a driving trip with him a couple of years after my mother passed away. Dad had just retired from his post as a home missionary for the Southern Baptist Convention. We didn’t say anything and when we came to a stop in the middle of the “crease” (visible above) he remained there while I walked to the far end.

When I turned back, I saw a young man around my age (I was 28) leave the wall and walk straight through the crowd into Dad’s arms. I was just within earshot when I heard Dad ask him if the name he had been fingering was his brother? The kid nodded. Eventually, he was able to tell us he was from Atlanta and it was the first time he had been there. We chatted a minute or two and he thanked my dad and then walked slowly away. We stood there in the lengthening shadows thrown by the late afternoon sun and, after a decent interval, finally began walking back towards the car still not saying much.

When we reached the end of the memorial we stopped and my dad looked up and down the mall a couple of times as if he wanted to remember it, as if he knew it was the last time he would be there.

Then he looked back at the memorial itself and gave a little nod.

“Almost hidden,” he said. “Like that war.”

My body walked to the car. My soul watched from a distance, a feeling I never had again until 1998, the first time I stood in the Prentice Hall parking lot on a May 4th.

R.I.P. to the Kent State Four then. Again.

Nothing is settled.


Where I’m reasonably certain I have the only wall space in America that features Bo Diddley, Vivien Leigh (watching over my vinyl boxes), a VW Microbus, and a Gibson Girl all side by side. And I’m damn sure I’m the only one who ever made it work:

And, like all good Americans, I’m also fond of Coca-Cola and Hayley Mills…

Why I didn’t think to get pictures of the front of my record shelves I’ll never know. Maybe next time.


For the last eleven years, I’ve worked at home. For longer than that, I’ve worked at making the place livable. Posting’s been slow as I’m working on a long-g-g-g post about canonical westerns. Meanwhile, I thought some of you who never get to visit might like a view of my work surroundings (not to mention where I blog):

Gee, I don’t know why I didn’t think to have the computer photographed.

All pictures, posters and other memorabilia personally selected, arranged, and hung by me! Photos by Lisa…Thanks, Lisa.

Tomorrow, the den…

Til then: