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  1. Always enjoy your movie stories, Johnny. I hope you are recovered and back at home. I’m sorry for the gig in the hospital. I know how truly dreadful hospital cable-TV is. No TCM!!
    I watched ATPM for the first time in (I’m pleading the 5th) years, just a couple of months ago. I didn’t expect to enjoy it but I did. The garage scenes with “Deep Throat” were definitely noirish, if only I didn’t have the “Frasier” send-up haunting my mind while watching it.
    Best of all, though, I love your description of our times as “post-civilization”. Ha! Brilliant. Though didn’t that era begin after the rags and bones of Rembrandt—and all his contemporary visionaries and poets—were unceremoniously buried and forgotten in Potters’ Fields?

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