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  1. Among many other secondary roles in secondary films:

    Barbara Eden (. . . siiigh . . .) appeared in “Earth Versus The Flying Saucers” (1956), one of the better science-fiction b-movies of the ’50s with stop-motion animation by the master Ray Harryhausen.

    Barbara Eden (. . . siiiiiigh . . .) appeared in “Flaming Star” (1960), one of the better Elvis b-movies of the ’60s but without stop-motion animation by the masterRay Harryhausen.

    Barbara Eden (. . . siiiiiiiiigh . . .) appeared in “The 7 Faces Of Dr. Lao” (1964), a sorta forgotten George Pa production with with stop-motion animation by someone other than the master Ray Harryhausen.

    She didn’t really get a vehicle of her own until “Harper Valley P.T.A” in 1978, in which she is the hottest almost-50-years-old actress of the decade.

    Siiiiiiiiiiiigh . . .

    PS: Bill Daily was a gem in IDoJ, an otherwise silly show (like most so-called comedies on television in the ’60s).

    PPS: Most “special effects” in b movies were rather dreadful at the time. (Thought I’d add that so I could use the word “rather” in a sentence.)

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