LINDA, LINDA, IS THAT YOU? (Found In the Connection: Rattling Loose End #84)

I was going to link to this anyway, after I discovered it a few days ago. It’s a side of Linda Ronstadt I never knew existed, a raw voice she rarely approached, let alone gave full throat to, on record.

Anybody who follows along here knows I’m a Ronstadt fan, but I really wish she had done more of this with both her voice and her persona.

In addition to all that, it serves as an extra tribute to the recent passing of J.D. Loudermilk. “Break My Mind” was one of his great songs and I’ve heard a dozen or more good versions over the years without ever feeling anyone (including Linda’s studio take, or my previous favorite by the Box Tops) had ever quite defined it.

Turned out it had been defined back at the very beginning.

On the Mike Douglas show, no less.

Strange days, indeed.