This is the second new category in a week (you know me…once I get started…).

I’ll keep the explanation simple.

“The Rising” is my own catch-all name for the age-of-protest culture (especially music) that exploded in the wake of Martin Luther King’s assassination in 1968 and burned through roughly the following decade.

I’m using that name because I can’t think of a better one.

I’m going to start focusing on that music a little more often because I don’t think it gets talked about enough…and because, several decades after the punks and rappers put themselves forward as its natural replacement, it has never stopped being relevant or–as either prophecy or music–come close to being matched.

I’ll probably have more explanations to offer as I go along (I’ve learned not to promise anything), but the immediate impetus is to try and make at least a sliver of sense of the bad news that washes in day after day. To offer a reminder that these things didn’t become depressingly familiar just yesterday. General upshot, as usual, is simple: The prophets warned. We did not listen.

So now….there’s some “trigger happy policing”:

and then….”God knows where we’re heading” having been answered–decades after the man Marvin Gaye dedicates this song to shot him dead–as the same old place:

…This ain’t living…But be sure to check back tomorrow. I’ll doubtless be in a better mood then!