DIAMONDS IN THE SHADE ((Young) Rascals Up)

“Baby Let’s Wait”
The Young Rascals (1966)
Not Released as a Single
Recommended source:  The Rascals Anthology 1965-1972

“Baby Let’s Wait” was the second track on the Young Rascals first album. It was not released as a single and there’s no particular reason it should have been. They were, at that point, a hard-driving white American R&B band–as hard driving as any R&B band, black or white, British or American, of that or any age. Their first single “I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore” smoked and burned and broke them on the American charts (which they would reach 18 more times–only two of which reached the UK charts and one can understand why the Brits didn’t want the competition). Their second single was “Good Lovin’.” It smoked and burned even harder, gave the drummer, Dino Danelli, a chance to twirl his sticks on national TV, and went to #1.

Then it was on the next album.

Later on (a year or so, which, in those days, was like a generation is now–that’s why those albums had to keep coming), they hit just as big with ballads.

It’s interesting to speculate how “Baby Let’s Wait” would have done if they had released it as “Good Lovin'” was falling from the charts. Because the quality was already there. The Young Rascals came into the world full-blown. The rest of their time was just spent living up to the promise.

(As a neat aside, the Royal Guardsmen, who charted nine times themselves, had their biggest hit that wasn’t associated with Snoopy and the Red Baron with a close reading of “Baby Let’s Wait” a couple of years later. Worth tracking down on YouTube.)