HERE’S SOME ADVICE (Adventures in Language–Footnote)

Heard this today…it doesn’t really matter where. It was someone explaining something or other about Health Care (it doesn’t matter what). To quote:

“That range of optionalities does not exist.”

What he meant was:

“Those options don’t exist.”

Whoever the person was, he was only half-literate in Modernist Mush Mouth. If he’d been fully literate, he would have said:

“That range of optionalities is unfortunately not fully available.”

And he still would have meant:

“Those options don’t exist.”

I often say culture dies first, but that’s not quite right.

Language dies first.

Every single day.

On every single station.

[NOTE: BTW, this was part of a discussion centered around a defense of a policy approach, which led me to develop a new theory of politics. If your policies can’t be explained or defended in clear language, get new policies.]

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  1. I’m not absolutely certain that I can comment on that at this particular point in the present time. However, it’s very unique, which is an added bonus.

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