CONTEXT IS EVERYTHING (Found in the Connection: Rattling Loose End #113)

On the outtake disc for whatever Special Edition of Tusk it is that I own, Fleetwood Mac’s version of the Beach Boys’ “Farmer’s Daughter” has never sounded like much more than Lindsey Buckingham’s throwaway homage to Brian Wilson.

Caught at random on YouTube the other day, it sounded like one of those secret gifts the radio used to bring. …

…I wonder if that’s because, in ways that the mere calendar can’t do more than hint at, we’re so much further away from them than they were from 1962?

4 thoughts on “CONTEXT IS EVERYTHING (Found in the Connection: Rattling Loose End #113)

  1. NDJ

    I was never a Stevie Nicks fan: I thought her voice flat and often stained and her lyrics just plain silly. Then I saw her show up in a cuppla episodes of AMERICAN HORROR SHOW Where the delightfully, ditzily sexy Lily Rabe plays a witch obsessed with Stevie) and thought I’d give a few of her songs a hearing. Came across a live television version of “Rhiannon” from 1976. Wow!

    Now “Farmer’s Daughter”—and you’re right: it was overlooked then and sounds like a minor treasure now.

    As usual, thanks …


    • Must have been the legendary Midnight Special appearance??…It’s the second song on the first disc of the series Guthy Renker released some years back. I bought the whole series (at a time of extreme financial duress!) based on that one clip. (Unlike you I was already a Stevie fan…but it made me an exponentially bigger one.)

      Love that line in the interview: “I play me all the time.” Might take me a while to get to the bottom of that!

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