In a few hours, I’m heading out on a lengthy vacation visiting friends in North Dakota. I’ll have the ability to check comments, email etc but I don’t know how much, if any blogging I’ll be doing. I’ll try to at least get a couple of items up while I’m gone but this might be a good time to check my back pages if you’re so inclined. The viewership, visitations and comments have all been red hot lately so I hate to take a break but that’s the way it goes.

As always, I’m deeply grateful for your support and wish you a safe and happy early Summertime!

8 thoughts on “THE NEXT TWO WEEKS…

  1. NDJ

    Enjoy your vacation!

    Coincidentally, in two weeks we will be in Pennsylvania where—aside from eating the world’s best pizza and fanbloodytastic corned beef Reubens—I will meet my grandson for the first time, as my daughter and her mother will also be visiting family in NEPA!

    Keep an eye on Summer . . .


  2. We be gone 13-19. I am leaving laptop behind but, like you, will check in on things at library computer.

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