“Swamp Witch”
Jim Stafford (1973)
Billboard: #39
Recommended source: Jim Stafford

All I know is: Hattie don’t vote.

You ask me how I know?

Hey, I’ve been to that part of Florida.

I only wish there were available footage of ol’ Jimbo intoning this little story song on national television (his own variety show no less…that’s how strange the 70’s were!). Still this is a nice reminder that the age when there were stories–and songs–lasted to the edge of living memory.

Good ol’ Hattie.

Did she drop in from “Wooly Bully?” Escape from it? Does she want to go back?

That I don’t know.

What else I do know, besides Hattie don’t vote, is, come the Apocalypse, ol’ Hattie gonna be just fine. Swamp Witch magic still gonna be useful and good.

Still wonder about the rest of us, though.

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