TO MY EYES, MYSELF AND ME (Late Night Dedication #3)

I went in for some new glasses today, an act that requires observing oneself in a mirror. That’s not an activity that’s normally on my daily, weekly or yearly agenda. Any hour of any day, there are pretty much always other things I would  rather look at than me, myself or I.

So today, whilst choosing among a variety of frames for reading glasses that will mostly be seen by me, myself and I, I was forced to confront my oft-lasered (and injected and cut upon) eyeballs. Seven years since I had any serious treatments and still, this song came immediately to mind and stayed deeply enough implanted that (and I swear, as God is my witness, this happened about thirty seconds after I wondered how I’d feel about it if it played just then) hearing the Guess Who’s “These Eyes” on the radio on the drive home couldn’t dislodge it.

Sing it Wynonie!

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