PATHS TAKEN…AND NOT TAKEN (Found In the Connection: Rattling Loose End: #88)

I should have lots of good stuff coming this week (including thoughts on the latest batch of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees) but, whilst I’ve been ruminating and polishing, I came across this photo, which, speaking to lost worlds as it does, is way too good not to post.


One of the many things I like about it is that, if i hadn’t already known it to be a very early photo of someone who would become famous, I might have guessed she was bound to become famous.

The road she would take is already in her face.

So are a hundred others she might have taken, any one of which would have led to something extraordinary.

Movie star maybe.

Or Queen of Nashville.

Or Manson girl.

You never really know, of course, what you might have guessed (or how far beyond embarrassed you might have been at being wrong). Hindsight’s twenty-twenty.

But I really wish this had come without a caption, the way I bring it to you now, so that I might have spent time wondering.

Just in case you didn’t have any more luck than I would have, trying to guess who it actually was…here she is on a piece of the path she took that actually got suppressed. Probably so she wouldn’t take over what was, at that moment, the greatest and most talented rock band in the world.

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