First, Mary Weiss remembers 1964.

I probably should have linked to these a while ago. Just slipped my mind actually, but I ran across them again today–two snippets from an interview Mary Weiss gave at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame several years back. I wish they would post the whole thing, but the small segments made available are worth listening to in their entirety. Key quote for those in touch with the spirit of this blog:

“Plus I think it was very difficult back then because I truly believe that a lot of men were considered artists, whether or not other people wrote for them, where women were considered product. And I always found that difficult to accept because rock and roll has no sex to me. Maybe my thinking’s screwed up. But I don’t think so.”

Other key quote, on the Everly Brothers:

“…an encyclopedia of harmony.”

Personally, I’d like to see the Shangri-Las inducted into the Hall if only to hear what further bits of sanity Weiss might have to impart in the inevitable round of interviews, not to mention her induction speech. Maybe my thinking’s screwed up…..But I don’t think so.

…and just in case you think the inability to lie ever goes away (as I remember 2007):



4 thoughts on “MARY WEISS REMEMBERS…AND I REMEMBER (Segue of the Day: 5/31/16)

  1. I too have listened to that link with much pleasure (I have all the music, but there’s no other place where it’s all in one place). Interesting fact about the first four tracks (which were the two singles they recorded for other labels before they signed to Red Bird, including “Simon Says”) is that Mary’s sister, Liz, sang lead on them….always thought she could have been a force in her own right. Just more proof that they were major contenders for “worst managed act ever!”

    …I still hope somebody will ask MW one day about just why she was the one singing lead the day they auditioned for a local deejay with Shadow Morton in the room.

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