THE MYSTERY THAT WAS PRINCE (Found in the Connection: Rattling Loose End #76)

Never better explained than by these fine ladies, up close and personal, from 2007 (those interested can find the whole, career-spanning interview here):

And, lest we forget…

Also, for those who link to the fifteen minute version of the interview, I swear I had never seen it (or anything similar) when I wrote about them here. (Main point: Before I said they never needed the seventies, they said they never needed the seventies. Turned out, I wasn’t saying anything new, just channeling. They also imply, without being supercilious about it, that being “retro” in early eighties L.A. took more vision, courage and inspiration than a lot of people were willing to admit after it put them on the top of the charts and the cover of Rolling Stone.)

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