First of all, I want to thank everyone who stops by…for whatever reason!

May was a record-breaking month in terms of total views, total visitors, daily averages, etc. This was despite a paucity of posting in the last couple of weeks…a paucity which I’m afraid may continue for a few weeks more, though I’ll be doing my best to keep a somewhat normal posting schedule.

Basically, I have about half a dozen long posts in various states of completion and I probably won’t start finishing any of them until I have time to do them justice.

That may not happen in June…I’ve got tentative travel plans, at least two books to finish reading and reviewing, a long piece to write for a John Ford blog-a-thon (due the first of July, about which more at the time), and I’m also under some gentle, not entirely self-induced pressure to finish a novel (just oh by the way). I, uh, also have a full-time job plus overtime, a pressing plumbing problem and a few other various and sundry items that will be vying for my time and attention–not to mention I’m in a “sports window”, i.e., major tennis and the NBA playoffs are in full swing.

So, all that being said….

I started this blog with two basic goals in mind: To have fun and to develop what the modern publishing industry calls a “platform.” To date, both goals have been fully met. I’ve had a lot of fun (and let off a lot of steam that’s normally directed at my television set!). And I have indeed, established a small but useful platform which will certainly not hurt my chances to move on to bigger things if a few lucky breaks should happen to fall my way.

Things will get back to normal as the summer progresses. In the meantime, I once again thank everyone who checks in, especially those who do so on a regular basis. It wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without you!

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