“I’ve worked hard on my instrument over the years. I know a lot of people don’t think of the voice as an instrument, but that is what it is. I worked to perfect it and master it, because I want to be the master of my skill.”

(Ray Price, Source: Liner Notes: Legendary Country Singers, Time-Life’s Country Music Hall of Fame Series, 1996)

Another day, another casualty. Another reminder of what’s waiting for us all in the end.

Sometimes artists write their own best epitaphs, so additional comment on the true country giant who is probably now least appreciated by the world beyond country’s hard-core limits would be superfluous.

Except maybe to say some folks don’t know what they’re missing:

(I have no idea if he will outlast Blake Shelton, btw. But I know what kind of world it will be if he doesn’t.)

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