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  1. Good to see this, sir. If you think you might be interested in reviewing my Merle Haggard: The Running Kind, either here or at Broadway or wherever, let me know and I will get my publicist on the case.

  2. As with any other lifetime of living a relatively long time on this earth; one may come to the realization, though too late in most cases, that the common ….’misunderstandings’….. so rampant on both sides!! (especially when two disparate cultures clash) were simply hiding away….as it were, in the …..’gut’…….usually clothed in righteous anger! I think I should get a hold of this book to read! TYVM! Johnny

  3. The uprising and its aftermath has shaped, and continues to shape, Minnesota’s culture. Any one visiting southern Minnesota would do well to check out The Brown County Historical Society in New Ulm for background on that terrible series of events.

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