“You look at Elvis Presley and he got two good years and then occasionally some great stuff, a lot of it great because it’s camp, but really they just did their best to shellac him…”

James Taylor (source television special on Neil Young…yes, you can get to Elvis Stupidity from anywhere)

I’ll leave aside whether or not something can be great “because” it’s camp (though I’ll state categorically that if such a thing does exist, it’s not to be found where Taylor claims to have found it).

No, what I mostly love about such quotes are that they start with a Principle Stupidity (“he got two good years”) and then proceed directly to a Corollary Stupidity (everything after that).

I would call it Stupidity 101, but then again, the competition is really too fierce to permit anything definitive.

4 thoughts on “STUPID STUFF PEOPLE SAY ABOUT ELVIS (Quote the Twelfth)

  1. Yes, that’ the old boring and quite phony perspective that being not that successful as a musician, not having that wide an audience, not having that many sold records means you’re more of an artist than performers like Elvis or Michael Jackson (mentioned in the video). It’s a viewpoint to hide behind, if you’re less successful than you like to be ;-).

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