…No matter where it begins, in the end, it’s all about the Jews coming to get us.

Follow the link to get a shorthand rundown on something that’s been bubbling in the fringes (of both Far Right and Far Left, where such things always find common ground) for a while–namely that Trump/Russia collusion is about to morph into Trump/Israel collusion.

Pick to click:

As the conspiracy theorists struggle to explain or reconcile contradictions in their accounts, the pull towards the deus ex machina of all conspiracy theories—the powerful, wealthy, rootless, cosmopolitan wanderers of the earth—only gets stronger.

But by all means read the whole thing. In the coming months, nothing will be off the table. I won’t be surprised if, by the time the leaves turn, we are hearing less about Trump the Anti-Semite and more about Trump the Jew Lover (whose two oldest children married Jews, after all, and whose daughter converted doncha’ know?).

As always, details change: Narratives remain.

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