ONE OF THESE DAYS….(May 4th, 2018)

…I really will get around to seeing if I can find my notes from my experiences of May 4th, 1998 on and around the campus of Kent State University (and my subsequent first trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame–an experience that taught me to never take that institution lightly). The notes aren’t where they’re supposed to be…and it’s a big house…with a lot of boxes. I probably wrote ten thousand words at the time.

Might still be interesting.

But, I confess, Neil Young–not to mention a thousand pictures worth a thousand words apiece–probably still said it better….

Links to past years here…

I ain’t forgot.

4 thoughts on “ONE OF THESE DAYS….(May 4th, 2018)

    • Thanks for the tip! Somehow I’d never heard this (heard OF it, but didn’t know it was specifically inspired by Kent State)….I think they should have recruited Richard Berry to sing it, the way the Robins/Coasters (or anyway Leiber and Stoller) recruited him to sing the original….It needed menace and irony, which weren’t Mike’s strong suits.

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