BECAUSE THERE HASN’T BEEN ONE IN A WHILE….(Occasional Sports Moment #32)

And because, if you read the linked article, you can get a bit of a window into how we live now. I confess when I saw the video on Ttwitter (linked by almost everyone I follow), my first thought did not run to the negative…nor did any of my subsequent thoughts.

And Columbus has had an NHL team…for eighteen years?


Strongly advise you listen with the sound off, as the accompanying commentary is a little too redolent of how we live now….among the Brain Dead.

8 thoughts on “BECAUSE THERE HASN’T BEEN ONE IN A WHILE….(Occasional Sports Moment #32)

  1. I still don’t understand what the negative angle entails. Are women bitching because the boys next to her didn’t let her get the first two pucks? Is this the usual “everything must be skewed in favor of females” nonsense? I didn’t see that it had anything to do with which sex she was — she was the shortest kid there, so she had the hardest time catching it.

    I agree with you, in other words! It’s so boring that everything has to be politicized now. The Internet is one of the best and worst things mankind has ever done for itself. No matter how adorable, how heartening, how innocent something is, there’s always that contingent of people who will find things to complain about.

    • There was that (what you speak of)…And there was also the cynicism from a lot of male commentators that the “dad” was making sure all three of his kids got a puck….which looked pretty stupid when it turned out she was an only child and the guy catching the pucks wasn’t her dad. Even if all of that had been true, the beauty of the moment was that the guy oh the ice clearly understood in the moment how much it would mean to that little girl to get a puck…that is, how much more it would mean to her than to anyone around her. I’m REALLY glad the sound was off the first couple of times I saw it….I’m not sure the dweebs “announcing” would have spoiled the experience…but they certainly would have diminished it. As it stood, the girl’s face told the whole story. No more needed be said.

      • I see. It couldn’t have just been a kind athlete (there’s no controversial news there!) and a kind stranger standing behind the kids (they don’t make that type of stranger in Newsland!).

        I’m defaulting to my initial reaction: “How cute!”

          • Tell me about it! In fact, I should follow your advice in a different context, applying the same reaction to political crapola as the one I have to an elated little girl. It would keep me from getting angry about things over which I have no control.

            “We need to tear down statues! That will make bigotry go away!”

            “How cute!”

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