I’ve finally gotten around to adding Sixties Music Secrets to my blogroll. Should have done it a while ago. Anyway, Rick came up with a category I should have thought of…best Rock and Roll Scream. I encourage you to click on the link (or the blogroll) and head over there to see his pick and give your two cents….and give them here as well.

For the record, my picks:

(buried in the mix, and all the more powerful for that)

(I like that he cuts off the first scream, half cuts the second scream and finally lets all the way loose at the very end!)

(Go to Rick’s site for what had to say about this one…if you haven’t already…you know, the way you should have!)

10 thoughts on “TOO MUCH FUN TO PASS UP….

  1. A few seconds ago, I thought, “If those qualify as screams during the last chorus of ‘Never Again,’ they’re the most melodically controlled screams in history,” but then I read your remark that there’s a scream buried in the mix. I’ve listened to that song thousands of times, and I’ve never heard a scream. Some recording artist I am! Time for headphones and my first attempt at avoiding entrancement by the haunting harmonies in the bridge!

    Anyway, a great, multiple scream opens JJ’s “Beat Crazy”:

    • I probably should have mentioned that they are muffled screams….Sometimes I hear one, sometimes two. Sometimes I think I’ve imagined it all…Which makes it all the more powerful when I do hear them.

      I’ll be VERY interested in what you hear!

      And, of course, it makes sense that Joe “Is She Really Going Out With Him” Jackson would do something completely different with a scream.

  2. Personally, I always thought Roger Daltrey’s scream near the end of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” was the best Rock scream. As for Soul, Lord knows that’ll be a tough one to decide.

  3. Hey John, gotta join the chorus in your praise for 1) actually hearing, and pointing out the scream / screams at the end of “Never Again” 2) adding to our continued education of the perpetually cool Shangri Las…

    • I confess it used to be an obsession of mine…I was convinced the Secret of the Universe resided somewhere in understanding “Never Again.” I had to give up at some point to preserve my mental health….But I’m still not convinced I was wrong.

      All I know is, if the character in that song isn’t screaming, she SHOULD be!

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