When one man stands down it might be any number of things. When four men stand down, all at once, it’s policy. My contacts on the ground wish to remain anonymous,–they don’t go around armed so nobody’s afraid of them–but three separate sources have confirmed this is the Department’s official training video:

6 thoughts on “TO THE BROWARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT (Late Night Dedication)

  1. NDJ

    If every modern army executed those soldiers who ran, or froze, or somehow failed to respond appropriately to enemy fire during engagement, WWI, WWII, and Vietnam would have been over with in a matter of weeks from a lack of participants.


    • PS: Unless every soldier was like Pfc. Donald “I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon” Trump, in which case the wars would have ended in a few days—except for burying all the dead Private Trumps …

      • Yep, that’s in the training manual, too.”Donald Trump would NEVER run in there if there was any chance of facing live ammunition. Why should you?”

        No song about it, though.

        Where’s Larry Verne when you need him?

    • Well, as I say, when one man “fails to respond appropriately” it could be any number of things. When four men from the same department all fail to respond in exactly the same manner (and the men who arrive a shrot time later from another department all manage to respond “appropriately”) it’s policy. Hence my dedication.


    I’ve been saying this since we jubilantly elected Ronald “Bloodbath” Reagan and I’ll keep saying it as long as 70,000,000 million eligible American voters refuse to vote:

    It’s gonna get a LOT worse before it’s gonna get ANY better …

    • Not sure how we got from the Broward County Sheriff’s Department to the Cost of Empire, though it’s probably all cosmically connected. (Reagan was hardly the worst expansionist, though–certainly not as bad as LBJ or the Bushes).

      But, yes, it will get worse as the Empire unravels. At which point (my own broken record) there will be Tyranny or Chaos….and then Tyranny.

      Excuse me now, I must get back to squinting at Thucydides!

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