…That I ever let go of anything (yaddah, yaddah, yaddah).

From Volume 5 of my Vocal History of Rock and Roll category, Naked Truth Edition).

I don’t know if I just missed this the first time through (if so, I must have been really out of it because I’d of sworn I looked everywhere), or it’s just been updated recently. Anyway:


“Rock Me Gently” Andy Kim: The Apotheosis of the Apotheosis. By a former Archie, of course. (Would really like some help identifying the background singer(s) on this one!)


UPDATE: Wikipedia has come through: Carol Carmichael and Group/Company on harmonies….though it’s unclear if there was really a “Group/Company” or just a bunch of brilliant overdubs. In any case, staggering. She also reportedly did the harmony vocals on Albert Hammond’s “It Never Rains in Southern California.” Either would be enough for any soul to enter the Lord’s house justified.)

Because nothing was ever better than this….Literally, nothing.

4 thoughts on “ONCE MORE, NEVER LET IT BE SAID….

  1. NDJ

    1. I agree that “Rock Me Gently” is a great pop record and one of the best hits of 1974.

    2. Am I the only person that hears “Rock Me Gently” as the best Neil Diamond wannabe record ever to make the Top 40? Every time I hear the opening bars I have to stop and tell myself, “That’s not Neil, Neal!”

    3. In 1974, Neil Diamond had a big hit with “Longfellow Serenade.”

    4. In 1978, Andy Kim recorded under the pseudonym Baron Longfellow. He released an album under that name in 1980, full of lush, mushy tracks, a few of which sound or feel like Neil at his over-reaching best/worst:


    And the bleat goes one (la-de-da-de-day) …


    • Now all we need is to find out Carol Carmichael sang back up for Neil Diamond…

      I’d say “Rock Me Gently” was the kind of record Neil wasn’t making anymore by 1974…more’s the pity. I’ll take it over all those punk records that were around the corner. But if replacing “Longfellow Serenade” was the point of it all, well,,.maybe they had a point!

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