6 thoughts on “LET IT NOT BE SAID….

  1. I owe you a huge thanks for alerting us to this song. I can’t stop listening to it. I feel ignorant, having never heard the original or the Costello cover, but — in my perhaps sacrilegious opinion — Susanna and Matthew’s version buries all others, because of the astonishing harmonies, as well as a couple of new chord-change decisions at the beginning of the chorus.

    I think that (lyrically) it’s become my new theme song, along with my long-time standby, “Soldier of Love.” Just a brilliant recording. I should have paid more attention to Susanna, post-Bangles!

    (I’ve since found that the duo’s cover of “Alone Again Or” is pretty damn good, too. It’s a tough song to nail like that. I can just imagine all of the diehard Love fans’ reactions to what Linda probably got after her live version of “Heat Wave”: How dare you!)

    • I’ll never say anything’s “better” than EC’s version…but I’d never say anything’s better than this either. (just listened again….yep, nothing’s better).

      I’m just amazed they found a whole new direction inside the song without doing much to alter the arrangement. Subtle changes, as you mention, but they make all the difference. And it has to be the best harmony side anyone’s made in this century.

      …and I only wish “all the diehard Love fans” constituted a much bigger contingent. Maybe they won’t mind if Sid n Susie bring in a few new fans? Wait….that would be rational…

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