WHEN SATIRE IS BEING “DISCUSSED”….(Segue of the Day: 1/1/18)

…It’s best to keep a safe distance.

The greatest living satirist, Tracey Ullman, (and yes, greatest living satirist is a low bar, but she really is good) has done a few skits on her latest British show that poke fun at anti-Christianity. This is so devolved that no one quite knows what to make of it as, going by the Twitter feeds and comment sections I follow, both Christians and anti-Christians suspect the laugh is on them.

I know what to make of it. It’s something we should be laughing at together….if only that were still a thing.

And anyway, it’s not Tracey’s first job interview…

….I suspect the interviewers are from the same gene pool, but the applicants are not. But your mileage may vary.

Either way, Happy New Year everyone!

2 thoughts on “WHEN SATIRE IS BEING “DISCUSSED”….(Segue of the Day: 1/1/18)

  1. Hahahahaha!!! I really wish I’d seen this post (and both of the Tracy skits) before. Oh, but what a good laugh made better watching them back-to-back!

    As someone who has sat in the applicant chair and felt like I had to “fake it” to make it (pretend to be the sociopath—let’s be clear about that—and it’s not just for Banking any more!) I can tell you she neatly captures the disorientation of the tortuous, soul killing process of job hunting within the system.

    Process (active sense) really is an apt word, because people who just want to earn a paycheck have to endure an ordeal comparable to that which was once living flesh goes through to end up a rubbery disc slipped between two pieces of (what passes for) bread. A process that turns humans into record-rewind-playback bots. A process, my guess, engineered by recruiters for the masterminds of ancient, despotic regimes, later carried on by less authentic tyrants and ironically, in its present, politically-corrected form, has become most deadly in the hands of one of civilization’s most twisted entities (outside of Legal): the (in)Human Resources Officer.

    We need Brooks to conjur an update to his History of the World—present indicative.

    • One of my life’s more pleasant aspects (knock wood!) is that I’ve never had to have any interaction with a Human Resources Officer….Wait, let me knock wood again. Let’s say nothing you say surprises me!

      I highly recommend going on YouTube to catch more of Tracey’s sketches. Her Angela Merkel imitation is priceless and, though she does all the grand old Dames well (Helen Mirren, Maggie Smith), just typing the wolds “Judi Dench: Kleptomaniac” makes me want to keep the liquids some place they won’t come out my nose.

      And, if you missed my deepest, somewhat more melancholy interaction with Ms. Ullman’s work, you might find this interesting….


      happy viewing!

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