ODES TO THE ONE (Everything I Really Needed To Know, I Learned From Rock and Roll: Lesson #5)

I spent a good part of the last week (on again, off again…and, inevitably, inexorably, on again) using my limited internet skills to look up someone I barely knew nearly forty years ago.

I’m not at liberty to reveal more. Suffice it to say it brought home Rock and Roll’s preeminent lesson (nearly as pitiless as History’s preeminent lesson, which is “Don’t Lose”) with more force than anything I’ve ever experienced, not excluding the deaths of my parents.

It’s been said many times, many ways and I think I’m gonna need to spend time with every one of them to pull the knife from my heart some day short of the Judgement, which I now know will require an extra pound of penance.

And what might this lesson be?

Ah, well….From the Scriptures….

Yes, everything I really needed to know I learned from Rock and Roll (well, and the New Testament, which is hardly unrelated).

Now if I could only remember never to forget.

2 thoughts on “ODES TO THE ONE (Everything I Really Needed To Know, I Learned From Rock and Roll: Lesson #5)

  1. I loved comparing all those variations on a theme. It seems we both respond to the minor chord of “loss”. You’ve delved into the music and I, to a limited degree, in film, especially John Ford who wrapped himself in that theme better than any director I know.

    • Yes, I think I didn’t respond fully to Ford (although I always liked his films) until I was in my forties, old enough to realize every decision has consequences. That includes the decision to stay a course, which so often presents itself as the “safe” option. That’s what I spent last week re-learning. There ain’t no safe option!

      Just watched Wagonmaster though and it cheered me no end…

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