But before I do that, first I should remind everyone that I don’t monitor social media (political division) for information. I monitor it for the articulation of conventional attitudes. That’s a much better way to track human folly. The blogger I go to for Liberal Attitude (doesn’t matter who it is, he’s useful precisely because he never breaks with his tribe’s conventions, so he could be any member of it…I’ve got a similar go to for every tribe out there and no, my dear reader, it’s not you, because dammit you’ve proved you’re better than that just by being here!) just wrote this:

Trump has surrounded himself with incompetents, knaves, and fools. Who else would work for him? He’s an incompetent, knave,and fool himself. But you can only turn to incompetents, knaves, and fools for advice if you want advice on how to screw up, behave knavishly, or make a fool of yourself. They’re not the best people to advise you how to escape the legal snares you’ve set for yourself and which a determined, intelligent, honest prosecutor like Robert Mueller is bent on seeing that you don’t escape.

I would remind all and sundry (not the blogger I’m quoting, because I certainly don’t want him to start questioning who he is and possibly force me to come up with a replacement), that these definers of Liberal Attitude once said the very same things about James Comey…both before and after the definers of Conservative Attitude said the same things (about Comey, that is), though never at the same time. No doubt, Mueller, (like Comey, already known to be hip-deep in the very buckets of Security State sleaze from which he just pulled forth the indictments of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates) will come through and inspire similar flip-flops in the future.

But, for now, I’ll just remind you that we’ve already been through all this.

The news of any given day means nothing. The course is set. We roll merrily along.

Take it Gene…



  1. That dude is a bit too naive to call anybody he doesn’t know personally “determined, intelligent, honest.”

    Despite his hyperbole (I’m assuming it’s a guy that wrote this), the main point is Mueller needs room to do his job and do it correctly. Hearing rumblings that T-rump might try to fire him doesn’t help.

    • Well from where I sit, Mueller’s job is the same as Trump’s–to survive. What that entails we shall see, but you can bet no move either man makes will be based in principles/character traits like determination, intelligence, or honesty. And I wouldn’t assume they are adversaries–or, if they are, will remain so. They might be, but it’s no guarantee. It was certainly no guarantee with Comey who managed, in the end, to be on everyone’s side and no-one’s….including his own.

      (And, yes, it was a dude!)

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