I was just reminded (by one of those random accidents that are the Internet’s true reason for being) that Michelle Williams has been signed to play Janis Joplin.

It might not happen. The idea of a Janis biopic has been around forever and this particular one has been bobbing up here and there for nearly a decade (this is the second time Williams’ has her name attached, but this time she seems to have actually been cast after a grueling audition). But it’s farther along than any previous attempt.

If it does come to pass, all I can say is Williams is the one actress most likely to connect with Joplin’s unique ethos (and certainly the only actress who could pull off the Marilyn Monroe/Janis Joplin Daily Double).

And it will mean this…

may very well meet this…

Bear in mind that’s not even in extremis….for either of them.

The mind reels.

Much as I want Michelle Williams to be in every movie that matters, I’m not even sure I want this to happen. The concept is frightening and I’m already certain if it ends up a scintilla less terrifying in reality than it already is in my imagination, I won’t know whether to be gut-punched or relieved.

Either way, I can imagine myself running out of the theater yelling “I can’t bear it” with an English accent.

But one thing’s sure. If it does come to pass, I’ll be there.

I might even watch the Oscars that year.

8 thoughts on “STORM BREWING…AND NOT ONLY IN THIS HEART OF MINE (Segue of the Day: 10/19/17)

  1. Why now, I wonder. I don’t believe in Hollywood enough to think that those behind the project were waiting for a Michelle Williams. I’m glad they did, but I just hope that this film doesn’t do to Janis’s legacy what the Doors movie did to Jim’s.

    • This could be like when Vivien Leigh played Blanche DuBois…in which case I geniunely fear for Michelle Williams’ sanity….But never fear for the music. If it’s strong enough, it survives anything Hollywood can do. On that level Jim and Janis (and so many others) are safe.

      • Great point. I mean, I know I’m going to see the film if it gets made, so I guess I shouldn’t pre-whine so long beforehand!

        (The Monty Python reference made me irrationally happy. What a silly bunt.)

        • Well, recent Hollywood’s done right by James Brown and Brian Wilson (with journeyman directors no less)…and Johnny Cash…So there’s hope. (And, to be fair, I liked the Doors movie a lot more than you did…Odd, because I usually have no trouble keeping Oliver Stone at arm’s length.)

          • I certainly didn’t _hate_ the Doors movie or anything. It just went a long way toward perpetuating the contemptible idea that the creation of music is the result of some “transcendent” state, special insight, or drug intake, rather than material processes and years of hard work, skill-building and creative self-honing.

            Maybe I got the wrong idea from it, as I didn’t harbor the greatest attitude after the movie opened with some Indian ghost occupying a young Jim (phewww……ol’ Oliver had presumably read No One Here Gets Out Alive too many times), but the music and why it was so original-sounding was relegated to something like a C storyline.

            I’m aware that such a film has to be made “interesting,” lest nobody attend and the financial investment fail to yield profits; but I’ll happily admit that I always expect too much. Give me a well researched documentary over a “biopic” anytime!

  2. I have to admit it spooked me because it came too close to my self-destructive phase. My greatest fear had always been that I would take someone down with me (which had a lot do with why I never let anyone get too close) the way Jim took down Pamela Courson (in the movie, that is…I’m sure real life was more complicated). If a movie comes that close, you’re bound to respect it…but I’d never claim my feelings about it are rational!

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