It looks like whatever effects I’ll feel will be late Sunday into Monday. If I go dark for a couple of days do not be alarmed! (That might include not responding to comments for a while if, for instance, the power goes out for an extended time.)

Mostly good news on the family front. My niece who lives in Naples (which now looks to be dead center of the storm’s landfall) has safely evacuated to her husband’s folks in Georgia. Another niece who was on vacation in Disney World with her family left this morning (a day ahead of schedule) and, as of dusk today, they were nearing the Georgia line (a trip that would normally take about three hours). My best friend from work, who lives on the Gulf Coast of the Panhandle, has evacuated to Georgia with her family and pets as well. My sister’s family on the east coast of the peninsula is hunkered down, but they’re lifers who have ridden out many of these and are experts in prepping for the worst. I’m still slated to see only the west edge of the storm, hopefully after it has worn itself down some, so things are about as good as they could be all things considered.

Bottled water is back in supply and being sold at normal prices after some price-gouging yesterday.

It’s all good for now. Take it Karen….

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  1. Wishing you a safe journey for you and your loved ones and all folks in Florida and beyond! Be as safe as you will need to be! TCB Clementine

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