PLAY IT AGAIN….(Segue of the Day: 8/21/17)

Well, I was gonna get back to normal today, but they just won’t let me…Maybe tomorrow.

First this…

..which was a VERY popular tweet item on the left side of the spectrum this weekend. It’s the statue of George Tecumseh Sherman that has resided at New York City’s Central Park since 1903. It’s Twitter popularity was supposed to serve as a reassurance that Good Generals will not have their statues torn down!

Fine for now.

Wait until Antifa finds out what an eager and effective Indian killer Sherman was–right down to vocal advocacy for buffalo slaughter to starve them out and backing his subordinate Phil “The Only Good Indian is a Dead Indian” Sheridan to the hilt.

Then we’ll see how safe his statutes are.

Then this:

Meanwhile, that old favorite, Christopher Columbus, whose Indian policies were slightly more humane than Sherman’s, is back in the news. This one’s from Baltimore, today. (You can find a video of a black-masked Antifa vandal narrating his own movie of the event on YouTube. I’d link but I’m just too tired. Anyway, he’s an eerily normal sounding sort of fellow.)

But, really, everything’s fine.

Play it Gene….You’re the poet of the moment now:

(NOTE: Be careful of the YouTube thread….at present it’s rolling straight on to “It’s Too Late to Turn Back Now”…I ain’t here to make ya’ll slit your wrists!)

8 thoughts on “PLAY IT AGAIN….(Segue of the Day: 8/21/17)

  1. It’s so hard not to comment! RE: Caution on any tendency to self-righteousness about native americans—the past regarded them as a potent enemy; the present regards them not at all, their scourges and deprivations have become invisible. Which is worse?

    • Yeah, I hope it’s clear I’m mocking the idea that you can draw nice clean lines around things like tearing down statues. In the eyes of the mob, no man is without sin….and there’s a lot of mob-think breaking loose right now. My guess is there will be a pause at some point–that this isn’t the time when it just keeps on going and the whole society goes up in flames. But that’s only a guess. The fire is spreading and nothing is safe while it burns, even if it’s only a spark (or a monument) here and there.

  2. With all due respect, I feel a strong need to respond to the monuments discussion…

    I’d like to give a hypothetical example, although if all goes well, this will be my future.

    I’m white. My fiancee is African American. We want to have kids, and God willing we will someday. Even though the kids will be part white and part black, society will see them as black.

    I don’t relish the idea of taking them to a public space where a confederate general has a big ol’ statue. Why? Because I’ll have to explain to them that once, many years ago (although not that many in the grand scheme of things) there were a lot of terrible white people – the same color as me and my family – who believed to the core of their soul that people the color of my children were meant to be kept in bondage and treated like garbage.

    They they will ask, if these people and their ideologies were so awful, why is there a statue honoring them?

    I don’t want to have to answer that question. It’s bad enough I have to explain racism to them. Thus, if their statues come down, I have no problem with it.

  3. WordPress is being weird so here’s part two:

    Now I’ll also admit that there are proper methods in removing them. Mob rule is not one of them, because it just agitates the other side and makes it even harder to get them to understand. However, it’s long past the point where minorities should be allowed a voice, and given the political climate right now, I don’t blame them for being vocal about how they feel.

    Columbus was a terrible person. I don’t think we should have a holiday in his honor, so if his statue comes down, so be it. If Native Americans vocally expressed in large numbers that they find his statue offensive, I think that’s a valid point. Then again, nobody listens to them when it comes to pipelines, so I doubt anybody will give them the time of day when it comes to anything else.

    Walt Disney was allegedly anti-Semitic. Should a statue of him come down? That’s not for me, a white Christian male to decide, so I don’t have an opinion. I sincerely wish that’s how a lot of other folks like myself would act when it comes to these situations.

    Hope I don’t make any enemies with this one. I just had to get it off my chest and try to explain another side to all of this. Thanks.

    • Have no fear. You can’t make enemies by expressing your opinion here!

      As I’ve said a few times now (mostly in other comments) I have no strong feelings on Confederate statue removal. But Confederate statue removal is the camel’s nose under the tent. Lee and Jackson were secessionists who (somewhat reluctantly) defended slavery. So were Washington and Jefferson. Shouldn’t their statues also come down? And Walt Disney was “allegedly an anti-Semite.” But I’ve never seen any evidence he was a Holocaust denier, as FDR was during WWII (when, among other things, he turned away Jewish refugees who had arrived in U.S. ports). And how should Japanese Americans feel about his statues?

      See how easy this game is? Virtually every Union general who fought to preserve the Union and free the slaves was a more enthusiastic Indian killer. than Christopher Columbus–and most of us live on the ground they, or predecessors like Andrew Jackson, cleared. This beast will never be fed. I’m sure it will settle for a bit. But it will be back and it will be hungrier next time. And while you and I are in full agreement about the mob, I’m not exactly sure how to tame it, once it’s loose–and the mob in Durham was getting a LOT of encouragement on Social Media from folks I normally consider moderate and reasonable.

      I feel your concern for your potential children (and hope you are blessed with as many as you desire). But you seem to be assuming they will grow up in a civilized land and all I can say is that every act of public vandalism, no matter at whom it is directed, makes that event less likely.

      So I’m gonna keep praying and posting!

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