Elvis week is closing down. So far as I know there haven’t yet been any efforts to remove or deface any of these….

Since the Confederate Statue removal “movement” has now extended, in short order, to campaigns of removal/defacement against Vladimir Lenin (in Seattle–hilariously, the statue may be preserved because it’s on private property and it’s only the State that wants it removed), Walt Disney (at Disneyland, where else?), Joan of Arc (in New Orleans) and, courtesy of the ever-crafty Al Sharpton, Thomas Jefferson (in Washington D.C.–Reverend Al says we should “defund it,” which is code for having law enforcement stand down when the mob shows up to topple it), I think it’s safe to assume Elvis’ monuments are now living on borrowed time.

I will, however, be interested in the reaction of all the Good Liberals who almost universally celebrated the Rising of the Masses in Durham this week when it turns to someone they aren’t entirely sure they’re supposed to hate. (Warning–if you watch this all the way through, you’re going to witness some Liberated People having the best sex of their lives. They’re as awkward as you’d expect, so it’s not a pretty sight, and, if you are tempted to sorrow on their behalf, remember the only way they’ll ever top it is to substitute people for statues).

Don’t worry, though, when the Glorious Future arrives, I’m sure they’ll only stomp the heads of the Bad People….and in Self Defense….Isn’t that the way it always happens?

I mean, you can tell they’re rational.

Look, monuments to Elvis, like those to Washington, Jefferson and their ilk will not survive the coming deluge. The only question now is the order of disappearance.

So here’s to you America…Need to get to it before irony dies along with everything else, so take it Gene:



  1. I am weary of it all……….since Nov 8, 2017……..a day of Infamy for me. Tearing down the statues is akin to ‘book burnings’ ……..both wrongheaded and Just plain wrong. History should be a reminder and so are the statues. Believe it or not, I have thought of the Elvis statues……especially in Memphis. Looks like the coming Total Eclipse is a ‘Harbinger of more ‘glad tidings’ … if, we need such omens…. in this torn apart nation of ours. In the end, I firmly believe that Elvis has ‘Broad Shoulders’ to help keep him ‘upright’! TCB

  2. I have mixed feelings about this. How would a Jew feel if confronted with a statue of Adolf Hitler in a public place? Symbols have great power, which makes them dangerous things to leave lying around. If racism was safely tucked away in the past, Confederate statues would just be interesting historical curiosities. But it isn’t, which is exactly why (not out of love for culture and tradition or any such bullshit excuse) the white supremacists in Charlottesville opposed the removal of Lee’s statue.

    • HI, Private. Thanks for your comments. I think the vast majority of us have at least mixed feelings about removing statues. Even black people do (the polls I’ve seen all have around 40% of them saying the Confederate statues should remain–I doubt even one Jew anywhere in the world can be found who would object to the removal of a Hitler statue so I don’t think that’s a valid comparison). But the real issue is how we feel about everyone else I mentioned. Yes, removing Walt Disney’s statue from Disneyland or “de-funding” the Jefferson Memorial are fringe issues today. They get about the same amount of play removing Confederate statues got ten years ago. I’m only trying to hammer out a warning. Once you let mobs run wild, as happened in Durham, there’s no telling where it will end.

  3. Joan of Arc? In New Orleans? Seriously?
    I hope none of these people ever vacation in Europe—they will be constantly offended. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

    • Another Catholic saint in California yesterday…One who was known for ministering among the Indians (now considered an act of hatred and cultural domination)….There’s definitely a madness loose in the land..

  4. I admit I have avoided the principal part of “news” coverage. However, when they go after Christendom, it becomes very interesting to see how they will jibe that with U.S. laws on religious freedom.
    Real madness no matter how you look at it.

    • I’m afraid we’ll get to find out, because it’s precisely Christendom they are going after. They know, even if too many have forgotten or merely take for granted, where the real foundation of Western Civilization lies.

      And I’m afraid watching the news would do little good. They cover very little of it. I’m forced to monitor blog sties and twitter feeds across the spectrum (where both ends include a LOT of vileness) to keep up. I’d really rather live in a world where this wasn’t necessary, but, alas, I live in this one.

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