The twenty fifth movie of Audie Murphy. Starring Audie Murphy, Joan Evans, Charles Drake, Virginia Grey, Warren Stevens, R. G. Armstrong, and Willis Bouchey.

SUMMARY: John Gant is played by Audie Murphy and rides into the western town of Lordsburg, New Mexico with something on his mind … but the problem is, he’s not saying what it is. Soon, rumors begin circulating that Gant’s presence in any town means that someone is going to die. With little other information coming from the tight-lipped Gant, the townspeople nervously fill in the missing information by reflecting and speculating on their own own misdeeds and past. Worried folks with something to hide begin quarreling amongst themselves and finger pointing. One by one, they all begin to believe that they are the one Gant is gunning for. But are they? The final outcome is a surprise to everyone, including Gant.

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